Car sales and love

“Few things in this novel turn out the way you’d expect, and that’s why I loved it. Each time I thought the author would get lazy and fall back on stereotypes, she turns the other direction. She consistently surprised me. The ending, in fact, is whatever you need it to be, and if I were writing an English paper about it, I could make a good case for about four alternatives. To me, that’s a good thing.”

The Liberty Press


“a fun, engaging story… a great read.”

Colorado Daily

“Becky’s grueling stints at the Auto Acres alternate with her desperate search for love…. If at times she appears to be merely a wounded adolescent, she is endearing enough to earn reader involvement.”

Rocky Mountain News

“Deliciously, readers are clued into the secret world of used car sales…the hook makes for an entertaining story.”

Lambda Book Report

“It was a fun read — and I feel better-equipped for my next foray into car-buying!”

ABA Book Sense Staff Pick

“Jones’ writing style is fresh, humorous and entertaining…. If you enjoy clever dialogue, funny turns of phrase, and a coming out plot that manages to be both wacky and reflective, then Up: A Novel will entertain you immensely.”

Midwest Book Review


Best of Denver: Best Novel About a Car Saleswoman


Can our heroine extract herself from her newfound tangle of sex, deception, and shifting sexual orientation by abducting the willing yet hetero object of her desire in a gold BMW with a bashed-in side panel all during her shift at the dealership after having sex as an experiment with the office stud and a fight with her first lover’s lover at a poodle’s birthday party? All this and more with a “crowd down” (one-up) attitude at each turn!

Bloomsbury Review