Renegade Nuns

Check out the Grunion Gazette: “Sister’s Death Inspires Book Based in Long Beach.”

Purple Sage published a review of the book:

“The novel is both murder mystery and fantasy, and there is a third genre I will assign to it as well—it’s a radical feminist novel. That is, it’s a novel that describes male violence against women and the power of sisterhood in a way that only a radical feminist can. …I can’t help thinking that there may be more truth in this novel than in the explanation that a woman died from a cracked skull from doing yoga. How many times has a man’s fiction been recorded as fact by other men while the truth, spoken by a woman, is considered fictional?”

About the book:

Did Riva Pine die of yoga? Or was her death the result of something more likely, and more bizarre? In search of answers, her sister Becky is drawn into a true-crime supernatural thriller that takes her from Long Beach, California to the Languedoc region of southern France with a group of mysterious nuns.

Renegade Nuns: Sisterhood is Powerful
A novel by Lisa Jones
ISBN: 0-9826544-5-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-9826544-5-3

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