“Awesomely weird gift… Penned by Denverite Beryl Barclay, this once-a-day reader offers old-fashioned bitchy wisdom to make you a better person…. The language for all things nasty, repulsive and undesirable is incredibly colorful and expressive. And though Scoldings is largely meant to be funny, the advice isn’t all bad.”

Colorado Springs Independent

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Daily Scoldings

“Barclay’s parables are quirky, insightful and often end with a twist, and it’s the twist at the end that I so enjoy.  Many of the anecdotes imparted in Barclay’s unique voice are humorous and make you think — hmm, she has point (especially when it comes to creepy, wise owls).”
Ms. Angie, Matthews Public Library, Fredericksburg, Penn.

“Who needs daily inspirational quotes to give meaning and focus? They’re sappy, corny and usually the absolute opposite of what any standard-issue human would consider inspiring. Enter Daily Scoldings, inspiration with bite. These are my kinds of affirmations. Beryl Barclay, the stern, quirky, tell-it-like-it-is nom de plume of author Lisa Jones, has penned 365 musings on everything from suffering to loving to flossing.”

Oklahoma Gazette