Spinning the video

The police shooting of De’Von Bailey shows how slippery video “evidence” can be. I say “evidence” in quotes because videos released so far by the Colorado Springs Police Department are like public-relations spin more than an honest look at what the recordings show. What does the video show? Police highlighted certain details. For instance, they […]

Who drew a gun?

Body cam video released by Colorado Springs Police Department suggests Sgt. Alan Van’t Land drew his gun before De’Von Bailey ran away from him. In the video, Van’t Land told Bailey not to reach for his waist while officers checked for a gun. At that moment, the sergeant’s body camera generated a pulse vibration, a […]

Police exchanged hand signals before shooting

Bodycam video released by Colorado Springs Police Department shows officers signaling each other with tactical hand gestures before shooting De’Von Bailey on August 3, 2019. An unnamed officer stood behind Bailey as Sgt. Alan Van’t Land questioned him. The officer raised his non-gun hand and made a pistol gesture with his index finger and thumb […]

De’Von Bailey shooting case

On August 3, 2019, Colorado Springs police officers shot and killed De’Von Bailey as he ran away from them. The Gazette published CCTV video of the incident. In response to public outcry, CSPD released clips of admittedly edited and enhanced video from two of the officers’ body-worn cameras. These videos offer an opportunity for me […]