Lisa Jones is a writer and digital media analyst in Denver.

Her most recent nonfiction book, Blunt Force Yoga: True Crime Memoir (Verbal Construction, 2019), is a first-person account of her sister’s suspicious death.

Renegade Nuns: Sisterhood is Powerful (Verbal Construction, 2017) is her most recent novel.

A while ago, she made a web documentary called Trail of the Troubadours.

Under the pen name Beryl Barclay she wrote Daily Scoldings: A Bracing Tonic of Criticism, Rebuke, and Punitive Inspiration for Better Living (Running Press, 2010).

Her first novel, Up, was published in 2002 and reissued as Southland Auto Acres (Verbal Construction, 2010). The book was listed among the 100 Best Lesbian Fiction and Memoir Books of All Time by

Jones managed digital assets at E-Global Library. She was chief writer and consultant for The Chronicle: The Making of Jones International University, a history of the first fully accredited, totally online university in the world.

She worked with Damon Bruce as an editing consultant on The Great Book of San Francisco Sports Lists and with Irv Brown as a ghostwriter and consultant on The Great Book of Denver Sports Lists, both published by Running Press.

She was a contributing editor of A Place to Help and to Heal, a history of Denver’s National Jewish Hospital.

Jones worked as a marketing copywriter in Los Angeles and Denver in industries including healthcare (Kaiser Permanente), online media (, and nonprofit fundraising (National Jewish). She was a director of development at Jones Entertainment Group, an independent film financing company that produced The Secret of Roan Inish.

In 1999, Jones created a popular online magazine for Buddhists called  BuddhaJones,  which she managed for many years. People ask her: “Is BuddhaJones ever coming back?” Maybe.

Jones graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in History. She earned a certificate in Technical and Professional Writing at California State University, Long Beach. She successfully completed web development boot camp at the University of Denver. She’s a licensed private investigator and an unlikely yet sincere Reiki Master.