What about Lisa Jones?

You’ve found that Lisa Jones, a writer in Denver who does digital media development stuff. But why?

Did we work together somewhere? Nice to see you. Connect with me on LinkedIn, maybe. Are you looking for my books? I hope there will be more of them, eventually. But you never know.

Do we know each other from school, or Los Angeles, or some kind of religious experience? I’m surprised you remember me. Not too surprised, though. It’s funny how you might never think about a person, yet suddenly she or he comes to mind. I hope it all worked out well for you.

Are you looking for forgiveness? Validation? Vindication? Revenge? I get this sometimes, people wanting these from me. I wonder whether they’re talking to the right Lisa Jones. In any case, these aren’t mine to give.

You can contact me at lisa@thatlisa.com. I’m not much for keeping up correspondence, however. Nothing to take personally.

Some of my books

Some book reviews

The read is riveting as Jones leads us through her own exhaustive investigation…It’s a story well told and well worth reading, especially if you live in Long Beach, California.

Stephen Downing, Beachcomber, reviewing Blunt Force Yoga

The novel is both murder mystery and fantasy, and there is a third genre I will assign to it as well — it’s a radical feminist novel. That is, it’s a novel that describes male violence against women and the power of sisterhood in a way that only a radical feminist can. …I can’t help thinking that there may be more truth in this novel than in the explanation that a woman died from a cracked skull from doing yoga. How many times has a man’s fiction been recorded as fact by other men while the truth, spoken by a woman, is considered fictional?

Purple Sage, reviewing Renegade Nuns

Awesomely weird gift… Penned by Denverite Beryl Barclay, this once-a-day reader offers old-fashioned bitchy wisdom to make you a better person…. The language for all things nasty, repulsive and undesirable is incredibly colorful and expressive. And though Scoldings is largely meant to be funny, the advice isn’t all bad.

Colorado Springs Independent, reviewing Daily Scoldings: A Bracing Tonic of Criticism, Rebuke, and Punitive Inspiration for Better Living

Deliciously, readers are clued into the secret world of used car sales…the hook makes for an entertaining story.

Lambda Book Report, reviewing Up: A Novel, a.k.a. Southland Auto Acres

Few things in this novel turn out the way you’d expect, and that’s why I loved it. Each time I thought the author would get lazy and fall back on stereotypes, she turns the other direction. She consistently surprised me. The ending, in fact, is whatever you need it to be, and if I were writing an English paper about it, I could make a good case for about four alternatives. To me, that’s a good thing.

The Liberty Press, reviewing Up: A Novel, a.k.a. Southland Auto Acres

Trail of the Troubadours

I made this online documentary in France a while ago.